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A Brief Four-Day Trip in Vancouver

Arrival in Canada, a brief four-day stopover in Vancouver.

Published: at 05:06 AM

Landing, Entering

The immigration processing speed was very fast. After handing over my passport, it took less than five minutes to receive the entry permit.

Multilingual guidance screens seen upon successful immigration at Vancouver Airport.

Bonjour, Canada.

On the first day of arrival, it was already nearing evening at five o'clock. From around four in the afternoon, one could already faintly see the black shroud looming in the sky.

Resting, ready for an energetic day

In Vancouver, it's not until at least 8 o'clock in the morning that you can see the sky completely bright.

In the morning, Canada Place was the destination of this trip. On the way there, I also passed by some peculiar commercial buildings. When passing by the Apple Store, I had my iPhone's battery replaced.

A strangely shaped office building on the streets of Vancouver.

Look at this peculiar office building.

A location at Canada Place. Looking at the skyscrapers across the port in Vancouver. Panoramic view of the port. Panoramic view of the port.

Our first destination on this trip, Canada Place and the port of Vancouver.

Gastown steam clock The description of Gastown steam clock

Oh look, this clock is powered by steam.

A corner of Chinatown. A corner of Chinatown.

Chinatown with various strange Chinese names (many of the names here are indeed quite strange).

信心藥房 (Confidence Pharmacy)? You definitely won't see this kind of name anywhere in China.

A huge gear-like decoration, through which you can see brightly lit buildings behind.

This photo was taken in the evening on our way back to the hotel. At that time, we also passed by a milk tea shop run by people from Hong Kong and bought a cup of milk tea. Achieving the taste of milk tea in Canada.

CoCo, a Taiwanese company specializing in milk tea and other tea-based beverages.

The next day, at CoCo inside Richmond Centre, couldn't resist and bought another cup.

Sign advertising crayfish dumplings using Cantonese.

啖啖肉,好食到爆 (Every bite is meat, super delicious in Cantonese).

Happy travels!

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